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Inside Viva: Keep children central

After two years working with Viva Africa, Kezia M’Clelland tells us what has both excited and shocked her about visiting networks in Kenya and Tanzania, and why she believes everything should begin by talking to children themselves.

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Life skills for Maira

Most parents in Honduras desire the best education for their children. Unfortunately, those who do not make much money are unable to pay for school supplies and fees, and often need their children to help with chores around the house … Continue reading

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Benji the role model

An inspiration for children and adults alike, Benji has come a long way from life on the streets in Bolivia.

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The star student from the slums

Eight-year-old Jameela was not quite sure what her future held. Only one thing seemed certain – she would never be able to attend school and get an education, and there was nothing she could do about it.

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Promoting positive change in Zimbabwe

On the eve of the elections in Zimbabwe, Isobel Booth-Clibborn, Viva’s Regional Coordinator for Africa, talks with UCB Radio’s Victoria Gibbens about the mood of the people in the country and how our partner network is promoting positive change for … Continue reading

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Shields together against human trafficking

In the film Gladiator, Russell Crowe’s character, Maximus, gained the respect of his fellow gladiators after showing them the power of teamwork. When they stood with their shields together and worked with each other to fight off the enemy, they … Continue reading

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