Safer spaces for Nepalese children after the earthquake

At a time of increased vulnerability following the earthquake, Viva’s partner network CarNet Nepal is stepping up its work to protect children from the threat of trafficking. Continue reading

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Strengthening families in Kenya

A Viva-supported program focused on better understanding family values is sending ripples through communities in Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city. Continue reading

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The World Weekend of Prayer inspires a life-changing move – a personal story

What inspired Aisling Zweigle to make dramatic changes to her life and move to another part of the globe?

What gave her the courage to sell her home in Vancouver, leave her job and move, with her husband and children, to the Philippines?

This is a story of overwhelming personal dedication to the care and protection of vulnerable children. Continue reading

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From no hope to a new life: Rafael’s story

What drives a 14-year-old boy to drop out of school and spend his days on the streets, avoiding his family?

This is a question the Early Encounter team with a Viva partner network in Bolivia wanted to answer when they met Rafael at the street vendors’ area of Oruro.


Continue reading

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Rebuilding together in Nepal

In the last month, Viva’s partner network CarNet Nepal has provided relief to more than 2,100 households in remote villages in Nuwakot district following two recent large earthquakes that have devastated large parts of Asia’s poorest country. Continue reading

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“95 per cent of homes in the village are damaged”

Jessica Lea/DFIDFollowing the earthquake, two members of our CarNet Nepal team have succeeded in reaching Nuwakot district to assess the damage in two villages in which we have worked for five years. Continue reading

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