Turning the tide of child violence in El Salvador

“The road ahead is sometimes lost in a tunnel of thick trees, but God will guide us through”: Samuel Rodriguez, Red Viva El Salvador’s Network Co-ordinator Continue reading

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Make a girl’s dream come true

After two years of sitting at home, Halima had lost all hope of ever returning to school. She dropped out in primary six (aged 11) when she fell sick and all the money at home was spent on treating her. Continue reading

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Breaking taboos

Good touch. Bad touch. It’s a slippery slope between the two. That’s why Viva is teaching children in Cambodia how to identify and stop sexual abuse before it crosses the line. Continue reading

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“This is the start of my new life”

Do you remember what you were doing during the first weekend of June? For thousands of children and adults around the world, it proved to be a moment they won’t quickly forget.

The World Weekend of Prayer was again a valuable opportunity for churches to focus on the spiritual and physical needs of local vulnerable children and families, transforming lives through intercession and action. Continue reading

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Safer spaces for Nepalese children after the earthquake

At a time of increased vulnerability following the earthquake, Viva’s partner network CarNet Nepal is stepping up its work to protect children from the threat of trafficking. Continue reading

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Strengthening families in Kenya

A Viva-supported program focused on better understanding family values is sending ripples through communities in Kisumu, Kenya’s third largest city. Continue reading

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