Never give up: A safe place for children in Syria

“It was a hard time for me when ISIS came near…Every time this happens we start thinking we’ll have to go away – we don’t talk about it but we know it – this was very difficult for me.”

These are the words of one of the team of young leaders I met in Lebanon this week. They are running a child friendly space (CFS) for children in a conflict-affected part of Syria, and it was a privilege to spend time with them, providing child protection training and debriefing them. Continue reading

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Making math fun

It’s Friday afternoon, the third day of training and I find myself doing the actions for “We’re all going on a bear hunt” with 40 other teachers from Kampala and four teachers from the UK!

How did we get to this point? And what are we doing in Uganda? Continue reading

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The day the earth shook… and what happened next

On my recent trip to Nepal, I spent time with a church pastor and his family from Bageshwari in Nuwakot District who survived the earthquake in April and has received crucial assistance from CarNet Nepal in the months since.

This is their story. Continue reading

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Syrian Refugee Appeal: life for children in Lebanon

Viva is launching an appeal to support Syrian refugee children and families in Lebanon at a time of growing crisis. Continue reading

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Empowering young people in the Philippines

Three permanent Youth Friendly Spaces have now been established in Samar in the Philippines to enable young people to have a safe place for play and to receive regular life-skills training and mentoring. Continue reading

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The love every child deserves

Wendy is responsible, hard-working, and loves to study. She takes good care of her siblings, and has a strong relationship with her foster mother, who ensures that she gets the love every child deserves. However, this is not the experience of most orphans in Uganda. Continue reading

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