Protecting children in Hong Kong

How Viva is holding workshops to help organizations in Hong Kong take child protection policies more seriously – in a city where migrant children are vulnerable to abuse. Continue reading

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Happy families in Uganda

As a child, I loved the card game Happy Families.

I’ve recently discovered that my cousin, aged eight, also loves this game. When I last saw her she spent hours performing role-plays of family life with her cuddly toys. Continue reading

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Children in Costa Rica celebrate the success of ‘La Sele’

They’ve been the biggest surprise of a thrilling World Cup tournament in Brazil.

They’ve shown exciting flare and fantastic team spirit.

They’ve confounded experts by beating three teams who have won international competitions in the past to reach the quarter-final stage.

They are Costa Rica – nicknamed ‘Le Sele’.

Continue reading

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Starting with prayer – continuing with action

For almost two decades now, the Viva family has dedicated a specific weekend every June to praying for the needs of children at risk. Continue reading

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From young carer to future leader

Abigail is a teenager fired up with ambition, her sights set on a position in Tanzania’s government. Yet, this is something she didn’t dare to dream about just a few years ago. Continue reading

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Kiss it better – is it better yet?

Do you remember what it was like to be a child – to believe in the impossible? If as a child you fell over in the park and grazed your knee did your mum or dad brush you down and kiss it better? Did you sometimes do the same if your parents were in pain, look up and ask, “Is it better yet?” Continue reading

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